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Our Staff

Syed Tahir Ali, MD Syed Tahir Ali, MD
Adult Medicine Physician
Brian Bayer Brian Bayer
Vice Chair
Ashley Beam Ashley Beam
Roy Blankenship Roy Blankenship
Board Member
Sister Carole Blazina, CRNP Sister Carole Blazina, CRNP
Family Nurse Practitioner
Janet Breslin, MD Janet Breslin, MD
Emelda Brown Emelda Brown
Board Member
Terri Clemons Clark, MBA Terri Clemons Clark, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Corinne Conte, MD PhD Corinne Conte, MD PhD
Adult Medicine Physician
Joan Delie Joan Delie
Board Member
Lisa Duerr, RDH Lisa Duerr, RDH
Dental Hygienist
Peter Ennis Peter Ennis
Board Chair
Tamara Geiser Tamara Geiser
Chief Information Officer
Frances  Hogan Frances Hogan
Timothy Krall, DMD Timothy Krall, DMD
Dental Director
Joanne Lorenz Joanne Lorenz
Board Member
Linda Mallick Linda Mallick
Billing Manager
Samantha Martin, MBA Samantha Martin, MBA
Human Resources Manager
Rudolph McComb, DPM Rudolph McComb, DPM
Brent McMillion, MD Brent McMillion, MD
Family Medicine Physician
Lorrie Meneely Lorrie Meneely
Chief Financial Officer
Marcyanne Nordick Marcyanne Nordick
Board Member
Shelly Raymer Duncan Shelly Raymer Duncan
Chief Operating Officer
Adrienne Roberts Adrienne Roberts
Board Member
Stephanie Rouch Stephanie Rouch
Board Member
Daniel Salahuddin, MD Daniel Salahuddin, MD
Sara Silvestri, MD Sara Silvestri, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Vince Tarquinio Vince Tarquinio
Board Treasurer
Lynne Williams, MD PhD Lynne Williams, MD PhD
Family Medicine Physician
Jessica Wilson Jessica Wilson
Family Nurse Practitioner
Brianna Wilson, LPN Brianna Wilson, LPN
Clinical Nurse Manager